Outdoor Summer Camp Wedding | Rockford IL Wedding Photographers

But don’t all weddings have archery, canoeing, homemade wildflower bouquets, and an extremely vegan/gluten free friendly dinner alongside a pig roast? Well, this one did.

It was evident as soon as Kurt and Eli pitched a tent during their engagement photos, that their wedding would be fun, relaxed, and outdoorsy. And what more perfect place to have their ceremony than at Walcamp, which holds special meaning for the couple. We were so happy we had perfect weather for all the hard work that went into transforming this space into a beautiful wedding venue.

Congratulations Kurt and Eli— your day was full of love and was a true representation of who you are as a couple. Enjoy some of our favorites!


How amazing is it that Kurt’s brother made him this chess set???

George Washington crossing the Delaware vibes.