Who we are. Indigo Photography = Cole + Brit. We are married, and yaaassssss, we hated getting our pictures taken too.

By the way, this is Brit talking to you. And just so you aren't freaked out by the thought of creepy people showing up to meet you at a remote location to take your photos, let me tell you a little bit about us.

What we do. We do portraits, seniors, engagements and weddings in Rockford, IL and the surrounding areas, but love to travel and are now doing destination weddings as well. We wanted to do a destination wedding too, by the way, but our parents wouldn't let us. (eye roll)

How long we have been doing this. I started Indigo ten years ago as a side business, and recently, I quit cubicles for good to make wedding photography and health blogging my full time job. When I met Cole, he was learning photography as a hobby and now assists me with weddings and the business-y side of things that I hate. 

How we got started in weddings.  I've got news for you - no one ever sets out to be a wedding photographer - and I'm no different. It took me about five solid years to agree to do my first wedding, which was all sorts of scary and I could still throw up just thinking about the pressure. I am extremely Type A and overly-paranoid and thus, the idea of screwing up someone's biggest day was very daunting. I didn't want to ever commit to something unless I was confident I could deliver. Once we got married ourselves, we soon realized the value of having beautiful memories to document the emotion, hard work, and money that goes into such a meaningful day. So, we decided to start actually responding to wedding inquiries instead of ignoring them (whoops).

About Brit. I can't really tell you that I picked up my dad's camera when I was eight and decided that capturing memories was my life's ambition. In fact, I don't even think my dad had a camera for me to pick up. I'm just assuming based on the serious lack of photos of his daughter. So. That's out. I also can't tell you that I studied photography in college because I didn't. I was too consumed gaining life experience in the area of wrong relationships to be concerned with anything productive.

But here's what I can tell you: photography started as a hobby. As all of my friends started having babies, I was horrified at the JC Penney studio pictures they were hanging on their walls. So, I started taking them. And I liked doing it. As much as you can like taking pictures of screaming children. Soon, I started getting requests for photo shoots and I have loved the opportunity to create memories for people that aren't... lame.

Other important things of note: I hate fluorescent lights, fake smiles, and milk. So if we can just not drink any milk under fluorescent lighting while acting happy about it, I'm pretty sure we'll have a blast. I'm also an extremely poor athlete who still can't whistle. Or cartwheel.  You should be aware of my intense - albeit unwarranted - hatred of Neil Diamond. And I want you to know that I know that there's a great possibility one of his songs, most likely Sweet Caroline, will sneak into your wedding reception playlist. That doesn't mean I can't be your photographer - I will just be eye rolling the DJ for a few minutes. #nobigdeal

About Cole. Hey, it's Cole. I'm a financial analyst by day - and, well, that's enough about that. Brit often reminds me that if I was like any other person she knows who works in finance, we wouldn't be married. I began to show an interest in photography when I was in my late teens.  Like every 19 year-old guy, I thought the coolest thing was to take pictures of my car, which come to find out wasn't even that cool. #1988Firebird

Like all accounting majors do after graduation, I purchased a halfway decent camera.  I was still searching for that "cool" factor, which I hope explains why I had an 80's firebird.  After taking a few pictures, I put the camera back in the box.  Three years later, Brit comes around and all of the sudden I am a "hobbyist."  Needless to say, I landed the girl and BAM!  Cool factor.  

I'm fairly certain that when Brit first asked about starting weddings, that she wasn't actually inviting me to be a part of it. But, as we all know, persistence pays off and I've even coined the hashtag #coletakespicturestoo, which has yet to trend anywhere.  If you've always dreamed of having a fantastic photographer and a random guy awkwardly staring at you waiting for the perfect opportunity to drop a one-liner, then we would be a great fit!

For booking info, please use the contact formI like saying "contact form" because it makes it sound like something important is going on around here.