Getting Your Wedding Published

Brides occasionally ask us if we can submit their wedding to The Knot "Real Weddings," Style Me Pretty, or other wedding blogs. And we are happy to do it for you! But there are a few things that we know will and won't be accepted. In other words, the editors are looking for very specific things when choosing weddings for publication. Think of what you are drawn to when scrolling through Pinterest or The Knot - likely, it is interesting colors, unique details, things that are out of the box. And that's exactly what they want to publish!  The good news is - they are desperate for weddings from the Midwest because generally they just don't get enough submissions that fit what they're looking for.

So here are some of the things they want:

1. They want DETAILS.  DIY touches, florals, sentimental things, favors, place cards, vintage hair clips, centerpieces, guest book, signage, personalized details -- everything from the shoes to the jewelry must be amazing!

2. You MUST have the invitation suite. We ask you to bring that in our Wedding Day Tips as something we photograph at the beginning of the day. For whatever reason, popular blogs will not publish a wedding without this.

3. Unique flowers. Bold colors. Interesting arrangements. Roses are wonderful and classic, but that isn't going to get their attention because it's just overdone. Does that make sense? If you want to incorporate roses, perhaps mini roses, or lavender or yellow roses - anything that breaks away from traditional. They love whispy arrangements with greenery. Think outside the box with your flowers - include peonies, succulents, ranunculus, etc. Event Floral is one of our favorite places in town and they are uber creative! Also remember that color really grabs your attention because a bride and groom are pretty basic (black and white) so pops of color will make the photos that much more amazing!

4. Themes.  No, not in a cheesy "Star Wars" way, but in a Moroccan or Tuscan way. For example, we had a wedding that had a lot of details including famous authors and pieces of literature because the bride was an English teacher. Stuff like that!

5. Vendors. They also need to know who all the vendors are that contributed to the wedding - that is something we will already have if you fill out the questionnaire that we send you a couple months before the wedding!