Eloping? Having a small destination wedding or vow renewal? 

Well, we have good news! Book our regular wedding package and we will travel for FREE to your destination! You heard us! No cost to you aside from the package. No paying for our hotel either. WHAT?! Yes. Why? Because we love new experiences and inspiring places. That also means: if you live somewhere costly, you can pay awesome midwest prices for your photographers.

Our requirements:

  • you're up for driving through a dessert at twilight or hiking up to the most fabulous locations -whatever it takes
  • won't stress about your clothes getting a little dirty
  • must love windswept hair :)
  • must be willing to laugh at all our jokes, or at least find them mildly amusing

 Contact us for more information!

Know a friend who is eloping? Refer them to us and we’ll get you an extra special awesome present.

Check out all the photos from this Joshua Tree couple's session here! Also check out their vow renewal in the mountains here.