Alright now that your photos are completed, let's design this album!

Whether you have a 10x10 or 12x12 depends on your wedding package, but both will be a 20 page spread (40 sides).  That will require approximately 60 photos, considering some pages will be one photo spreads, and templates only allow a maximum of five photos. Adding more photos will require more spreads (pricing at the bottom of page). All print credits can also be applied toward adding additional album spreads.

The thickness of your pages will depend on the size of your album:


We will pull together the images for your album and then lay it out. In the past, we have done it other ways, but this has proven to work the best as we know how to showcase the highlights of your day in the most flattering and cohesive way. 

You will get two revisions where you can make changes and swap photos or switch their positions. 

1. When your receive the email that your album is ready for proofing, click the link. You’ll be given two options: please select your name, as logging in as guest won’t allow you to comment
2. You’ll be asked to create an account
3. You will now see your album in slideshow format
4. The comment bar will be at the bottom. You can tell us to move picture 1 to spot 4, or you can ask us to substitute a different picture altogether by linking to a photo in your PASS gallery. Once you have made comments (you’d like certain photos switched or moved) just click SUBMIT FEEDBACK at the top left
5. We will make the changes and resubmit to you for approval. If there are no more comments, click APPROVE ALBUM


Album will be delivered to us in 2 weeks. We will inspect it for any defects before we deliver it to you!



More photos can be added to your album, but additional spreads will be needed:
 *  10x10 = $25/ spread (select maximum of 5 extra favorites)
 *  12x12 = $50/ spread (select maximum of 5 extra favorites)

Notes: Print credits can go toward additional spreads // contact us about pricing for upgrading from 10x10 to 12x12